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Striving to bring new opportunities to young people in the local area with our dedicated team of Outdoor Instructors and Youth workers.

We endeavour to provide activities that help to

develop skills within a safe & supportive environment.

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“Coming to WHYP has definitely boosted my confidence, has enabled me to work alongside my peers. It has helped me focus on achieving my Duke of Edinburgh Award”

“WHYP influenced me to take a degree in Physical & Outdoor Education from the opportunities that were given to me while I attended. We still talk about the Harbour project now and the good times.”

“”Changed my life in an awesome way. If not for the Harbour Project, I don’t know where I’d be now... Gave me opportunities to go far and wide and learnt how to get on with new people.

Whitehaven Harbour Youth Project from Custard Content on Vimeo.

Below: video file all about WHYP and what it sets out to achieve (click to play)